Smart Photovoltaic Systems

It is new philosophy to generate high electricity production from large scale photovoltaic systems with low operation and maintenance cost.
Smart photovoltaic system means to use simplified design and hardware and latest technology to improve maintenance and operation of photovoltaic power plant.
This smart system can automatically discover faults in a high speed and have the ability to diagnose and rectify that faults by using a fully automated component and new technology of communication systems.
How can you implement smart photovoltaic system at your new PV plant?
This can be done by achieve some procedures at three main layer of your project as following:
First: At bottom layer: This layer contains your PV plant main component, I mean the modules as they consider the engine room of your PV system, at this layer the module strings will be equipped by a smart controller that can monitor the voltage and current of each string all over the plant so that the fault location can be precisely indicated.
Second: At intermediate layer: This layer contains PV monitoring and production management systems where an integrated computer monitoring system is deployed on unified communication platform to monitor the running status of each device of the power plant.
Third: At top layer: this layer contain centralized operation and maintenance center which manage the whole PV plant by collecting all data geographically distributed in various area and make analysis to help the operators to take decision for increasing the electricity production and reduce management cost based on the above two layers.
So smart PV system is a fully automated system which can automatically discover, diagnose and rectify faults, thereby improving the electricity yields, lowering operation and maintenance cost and increases the system revenue.