Electricity Saving in Lighting System

Lighting system is used everywhere, at houses, industrial plants and commercial buildings .Lighting system represents from 20 – 45 % of electricity consumption in commercial building and from 3 – 10 % of electricity consumption in industrial plants, in the same time, the most significant electricity consumption in the houses is for lighting systems.
The question is how can you save electricity in lighting system?
First: The designer of the electricity lighting system should concentrate on how much light that the place need and also correctly choose how well the colors will be shown or rendered. These two factors represent the key word for reducing lighting electricity demand.
Second: you need to make use of the natural light by choosing the best location of windows so you can save electricity from the reduction of lighting system electricity use. This will be having more benefits in electricity saving at cold climates due to solar heat gains which reduce the heating cost.
Third: you should reduce the use of the lamps and reduce the lamp height.
Fourth: you should use electronic ballast instead of electromagnetic one because its electricity consumption is lesser.  
Fifth: you should use timers, twilight and motion detectors and this is applicable for general areas, conference rooms, cubicles, rest rooms and exteriors so you can reduce your electricity consumption by control the time of operation and the availability of daylight.
Sixth: you should use the more efficient lighting system like using the T5 fluorescent lamp instead of T12 and T8 lamps, using the energy saving lamps instead of incandescent lamps, using the led lamps instead of halogen lamps….etc.
Seventh: you should make regular maintenance to the electrical lighting systems referring to the aging lamps and dirt on fixtures as following:
Clean the equipment – replace lenses – keep spaces bright and clean – relamping.
So it's a good potential of electricity saving, is to improve the efficiency of the electricity lighting system and as a result you will reduce your electricity consumption, reduce your electricity bill, save much money and secure our plant from the extra pollution, generated from electricity production process.  

Use Peak Electricity Price to Save Money

Most of countries face the potential of electricity shortage in summer weather. The possibility of electricity shortage increase in the hottest days due to the excessive use of air conditions which increase the peak demand on the electricity utilities leading to electricity absence, in the same time we cannot live without electricity as all of other our human aspects depend on electricity, this is the electricity challenge that face the world today and tomorrow.
Most of electricity researches show that the effective way to reduce electricity peak demand is to apply "critical peak pricing" program.
This program has many names in electricity utilities all over the world like peak day pricing program, smart rate program and summer advantage incentive program… the program give a discount on electricity price at certain hours and certain days "off peak low demand days" but charge you for substantial premium electricity price in the highest demand days of the summer.  
By applying this program, residential customers will have the incentive to reduce their electricity consumption and save electricity to reduce their electricity bills and hence the electricity utilities will gain much benefits of this electricity saving by reducing the investments required to face the increased demand on electricity which we notice every day. So if you live in a country that applies this program, I encourage you to sign up immediately as you will save much money every month and also you will encourage you electricity utilities to no cut off electricity so you guarantee the continuity of electricity supply.