Save Electricity

There are two ways to reduce your electricity bill, the first one is to assure that you pay low price per kilowatt electricity and the second is to reduce your kilowatt electricity consumption as possible as you can.
Logically proceeding simple cheap ways to reduce your electricity consumption is the most effective way to reduce your electricity bill.
At the first we should know that there are more incentives for you to reduce your electricity consumption rather than the bill value reduction, those are to reduce the global warming and air pollution resulting from burning fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas which often used by the electric companies to produce the electricity.
Hence all of us are in bad need of save electricity by reducing electricity
consumption to reduce electricity bills, avoiding environmental pollution and to avoid side effects resulting from global warming.
Let us start at our houses, and ways to save electricity without spend any money:

Tips for summer days:

(1)             Close your blinds and shades during the day and use the ceiling fans or window fans instead of air conditioner as they consume much less electricity.
(2)            Only use the air conditioner when the weather is really hot and turn it off when you leave the house for long time.
(3)            In both central and window air conditioners, remember to clean or replace the air conditioner filters.
(4)            Turn the air conditioner thermostat up for few degrees as you are saving about "5%" of electricity consumption for each degree of temperature change.
(5)            Take care of trees in your house yard because they shade your house and keep it cooler.
(6)            Shade your air conditioner unit, if it present in the bright sun. This action will help you save up to" 5%" of electricity consumption.

Tips for winter days:

(1)             Try to prevent cold air from entering in your house by putting plastic cover from outside on your windows and around windows and doors frames from inside. And make sure that you close windows and doors very well. Also you should repair any broken windows glass.
(2)            Turn the air conditioner thermostat down for few degrees as you are saving 5% of electricity consumption for each degree of temperature change.
(3)            Take care of trees in your house yard because they break the cold wind before it reaches to your home.
(4)            Incase of having a fireplace assure that you have a tight fitting damper and also keep it close when the fireplace isn't in use.

Tips for use through the year days:
(1)             When you leave a room assure that you turn off lights and other machines like TV, computers, video games, DVD players, etc. also when you go on a trip assure that you unplug these machines as they have a stand by functions that mean they consume electricity even if they are turned off.
(2)            Assure that doors and windows are closed when air conditioner or air heater are turned on and don't put the furniture or other things in the front of air conditioner vent or air heater vent.
(3)            Use the programmable thermostat which will keep your home temperature at the right and optimal value day and night and also it raises or lowers the temperature when you aren't present at home according to correct setting, so it can reduce electricity bills up to " 10%" .
(4)            With respect to your water heater, if you use an older model with low efficiency, replace it with more efficient one. Also put insulation material around pipes going in and out from the water heater to reduce the heat dissipation. Also if you leave your house for more than "2" days turn off the water heater. Another tip, once a year drain gallon of water from the bottom tap of your water heater to get rid of precipitates which minimize the efficiency of the water heater.
(5)            Try to reduce the number of times you will run the dishwasher and when you run it you should fill it efficiently.
(6)            Take care of your air furnace filter and replace it yearly. As due to the dust and dirt that circulate at the house, this filter is clogged up and then your furnace has to work harder in order to heat the house resulting in more electricity consumption.
(7)            When you are brushing your teeth you should turn off the water, this is not only save the water but also save electricity that use to pump and heat this water.
(8)            Only use one large bulb instead of two small bulbs, for example you will get more light and less electricity consumption if you use "100 watt" bulb instead of using two "60 watt" bulbs. Also use the fluorescent lamp instead of incandescent lamp as it use 77% less energy and have longer operating life. Before all of this you should make use of daylight and don't turn on lights at the daylight, also assure that the outdoor lighting is turned off during the day light.
(9)            Before you open the refrigerator decide what you are need from it, so you don't waste electricity standing and looking inside it, where the door is open. Also we should cool hot foods before putting in the refrigerator.
(10)       With respect to dryer, after every run clean the filter, also dry full loads of clothes, dry one load sooner after the other load as the dryer is already hot and stops the dryer as soon as the clothes are dried.
(11)         With respect to oven, try to cook several dishes simultaneously and keep oven door closed till the food is fully cooked.

         By following the previous simple tips, you can reduce your electricity consumption around your home, reduce your electricity bills , saving electricity money and protect our environment from pollution.

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