Energy Management and Electricity Demand

Electricity distribution companies’ primary goal is to meet customer demand with a high reliable electrical system and obtaining good profits.  In the same time customer primary goal is to be fed by electricity without interruption and with low cost.
In order to achieve those goals, we assure that electricity companies and customers must follow an indicating energy management strategy.
What do Electrical Energy Management mean?
For customers interested in achieving Energy management system in their facilities, they can adopt three simple measures as following:
1-     Reduce electricity consumptions : by doing various actions like proceeding electricity conservations measures ( switch off the lighting when you leave the room ) , adopting passive energy efficiency measures ( replacement of high electricity consumption equipment’s and devices with low electricity consumption one or installing heat insulation ) and adopting active energy efficiency measures ( installing variable speed drives for electrical motor  , installing automation and control systems for lighting and motor  ).
2-   Optimize electricity  cost : that mean the cost per unit, for example if you can operate your facility out of maximum demand period as at this time electricity utility will charge you with another low tariff .
3-   Improve electricity reliability and availability: in order to avoid production loss and failure of production material. So it is important to monitor power quality parameters like voltage value, power factor, harmonics, .etc. that can lead to miss operation and equipment’s failure… it’s our pleasure to help you at this point with the aid of the intelligent power quality analyzer if so, please contact us (our details are in the contact us page).
Energy management is an optimal and complete strategy that enables you to save your electricity consumption and making you electricity system more reliable.