Why Solar Electricity?

Friends, all of us now that we can generate electricity from the solar energy by two means, the first one is by photovoltaic systems (PV) which convert the sun radiation directly to electricity and the second one is by solar thermal energy systems (CSP) which convert the solar radiation to a thermal energy then to electricity .   In the year 2020 the installed power of solar energy systems used to generate electricity will exceed the installed power of hydropower, wind and nuclear systems which used also to generate electricity.
Of course it is a matter of time until solar electricity will be the number one of electricity generation technology, let us see why ??:
Solar radiation is available at all places on the earth and in a high abundance as the amount of energy that arrives to the earth is about larger than ten thousands times the total energy required for all the humans .In the same time solar energy is the largest energy source available of renewable energy sources.   
Solar electricity is a clean electricity generation source, so no environmental side effects which lead to dangerous earth warm due to green house gases.
For solar photovoltaic electricity systems there will not be a high cost of maintenance and operation. They represent a fraction comparing to other fossil fuels electricity generation systems cost.
Building anew renewable energy plants like hydro or nuclear and even fossil fuel plants require large investment. In the same time using photovoltaic system can be installed decentralized i.e., every one can use its building roof to install PV system and generate electricity for its home need and when he needn’t this electricity , he can buy it to the electricity utility . By this mean, we can face our increased requirements of electricity without the need to such high capital cost required to establish anew electricity power plant.
We believe that solar electricity is the coming revolution that will change our electricity generation landscape especially photovoltaic solar electricity systems that will be the force behind this revolution due to its high growth rate in most of world countries.