What is Electricity?

what is electricity?
To answer this question we should know about the atom. Every thing in our life consists of variable number of atoms. Atom considers the smallest part of any thing and it made up of three components :-

1- Protons: a positive charges present in the middle of the atom, called the nucleus and they are stationary.

2-Neutrons: have no charge, they are a part of the nucleus of an atom with the protons.

3-Electrons: have negative charge, they are very small and are not apart of the nucleus of the atom, but they move around it in orbits. They are the only part of an atom that can move.

The number of negative electrons in the atom is generally equal to the number of positive protons so the atom is in balance in normal conditions until an external force affects the atom at this case the atom may gain or loss electrons.

Electricity is the flow of the movable electrons as when these electrons move from one point to another point, this called electrical current.

Nowadays we cannot live without electricity, without it we cannot watch TV or listen to radio or heat the water, every thing in our life depend on electricity .

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