Electricity Disturbances & Power Quality Analyzer

Nowadays the electricity is no longer clean, good and reliable as much as the past. Sometimes you note that your facility electricity lighting is flickering, other time you note that electricity is shutting down with no reasons also you may receive high cost penalty from the electricity utility and you don’t know why??  …etc.
Really there are many types of electricity disturbances that occur in the electricity sinusoidal feeding waveforms. So as we cannot live without electricity, I introduce to you this important project that all of us need it even if our facility is residential or commercial or industrial ….  At this electricity quality project, with the aid of our intelligent power quality analyzer, we will discover the electrical power quality disturbances that happen in your electricity feeding signals, and then we will specify to you the disturbances types and provide the optimal solutions to correct and avoid them in the future. Now let me tell you some types of electricity disturbances that we can capture in your facility by our intelligent power quality analyzer device:
(1)   Long duration electrical voltage variation “Under voltage - over voltage”.
(2)            Short duration electrical voltage variation “sag – swell”.
(3)            Electrical voltage and current unbalance.
(4)            Electrical voltage flicker.
(5)            Low electrical power factor.
(6)            Electrical harmonics voltages and currents distortions.
Our Intelligent Power Quality Analyzer Device Capabilities
(1) Our power quality analyzer takes measurements to electricity feeding waveforms as it can measure and store many electrical parameters like:
((  Vrms , Arms , Unbalance (V,A) , THD(V) , THD (A) , D.F (V) , D.F (A) ,    Individual harmonics  ( V , A ) up to rank (50) , K.F , C.F , P , Q , VA , KWH , KVARH , VAH , D.P.F , P.F , PST , Transients ( V, A ), Inrush current , Sag , Swell  and much more  )) all  electrical measurements are for single phase as well as three phases and according to IEC standards.
(2) The memory of our power quality analyzer is extended and can capture and store all the electrical parameters of electricity signals simultaneously that happen in even one month with a discrimination time of one second.
(3) The power quality analyzer can measure and store the Aver, max and mini values for electrical current and voltage with a speed of 256 reading per 0.2 second so our power analyzer is distinguished in discovering the electricity transients.
Project Results:
At the end of the power quality project, you will receive the following:
(1)          C.D containing electrical measurements which done by power quality analyzer.
(2)     A comprehensive electrical power quality report that containing the power quality disturbances founded in your electricity signals and the recommended solutions with its specification and point of connection.
(3)       Recommendations about how can you reduce your electricity bill by implementing highly recommended energy conservation and energy efficiency techniques.
Electricity disturbances are growing day after day and we should treat them to avoid problems of misoperation, malfunction and electricity untimely shutdown …etc. So we are waiting for your inquires, we will answer your questions at our email “samehgouda1@hotmail.com “or at our phone cell 00201223745588. 

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