Electric Car Splendor

Simply, electric car stores the electricity in large batteries when we connect it to the electricity wall outlet of standard 120 volt or standard 240 volt for a number of hours. Then, batteries operate an electric motor that powers the wheels.
Hybrid and plug-in electric car, improves fuels economy, increases energy security, decreases fuel costs and reduces emissions because it depends on electricity which produced from nuclear energy , natural gas , and other renewable sources …  etc.
Can you convert your conventional car to an electric car and how?
Yes, of course. Thousands of others have successfully completed their own conversions to electric car , despite having little mechanical background because they follow the excellent guides which walks them through, step by step, each procedure.
It is a fact; you'll be surprised how simple it is once it's broken down into individual tasks.
What are you gaining after converting to electric car?
After you convert your car to electric car you become gain the following:
1- Save about 2700$ spending or more each year on wasted fuel.
2- You no longer emit pollution and heat into the air you breathe.
3- You start enjoy a smooth and quiet ride.

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