Electricity Bill

Month after month , you are looking for new technology that help you to reduce the value of electricity bill in your home . Scientists and specialists in electricity issue find that a direct new way to reduce your electricity bill is to use the renewable energy generating equipment's like solar panels and small wind turbine to locally generate electricity in your homes.
We now already use some applications that depend on renewable energy as an alternative to the electricity like , solar water heaters that provide us with 50 – 80%  of the hot water need in typical homes.
When you decide to reduce your electricity bill by applying renewable energy schemes at your home you should pay attention to some details like passive solar design which mean the proper house orientation, windows sizing, roof overhanges which can be designed to keep the sun light out in the summer and shine in winter, day lighting that provide our home with the lighting need during the day and other many factors…. As all of this help in reducing electricity consumption and hence reduce your electricity bill .
Now let us inform you that you can make your house completely green to the extent that you can make your power company pay to you not you pay to it for electricity consumption. How can you achieve this ?
The answer is, you can achieve this by build your own windmill and solar panel at your home for what called " Home Made Power Plant" , it is miracle but also it is a fact and you can gain the following "4" benefits :

1- You'll save hundreds of dollars (and even thousands) in electricity bill each month without doing any thing.

2- You can earn a good check every month from your power company for the extra electricity you produce.

3- It's so easy and very cheap to build your own solar and wind electricity generators by low investment and it actually will last a lifetime, where you can build it even you have knowledge about electricity engineering or not.

4- You'll have a significant role in saving the planet because you'll be one of the pioneers who will help eradicate the huge deposits of CO2 killing our planet.

Other people from all over the world have already started to produce their own electricity...it's time for you to embrace the future by Building your " Home Made Power Plant".

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