Design On grid Solar Photovoltaic at your home to Generate Electricity

Question, can we generate electricity locally at our homes and sell it to the electricity company? Is this is a good investment project I can do? The answer is yes off course you can do it….. That is done by construction on grid photo voltaic system at the roof of your home.
Most of people that construct on grid photo voltaic system aiming from that are to gain good monthly income from the electricity company under the popular regulation present in almost countries all over the world which called Feed in Tariff. There are two factors affecting your success in installing excellent and reliable on grid photo voltaic system to generate electricity and harvest good monthly income one of them is the good design and the other is the good selection of on grid photo voltaic system components to be according to specification.    
Kindly let me tell you a brief on how can the specialized solar photo voltaic engineers design on grid photo voltaic system in a simple way :
First: we will ask home owner about electricity bills for the previous 2 years to indicate the average monthly electricity consumption and also ask him about his budget.  
Second: we start to go to the roof area to indicate its characteristics by identifying the usable area that is suitable for installing the photovoltaic system (eliminating spaces of local and horizontal shadow) and indicting the roof azimuth and tilt angle which related to the good facing to the sun to get maximum electricity harvest.
Third: we select a photo voltaic modules type and manufacture from many various manufacturers present all over the world and racking system if needed. By knowing the size of module and racking system I will indicate the maximum number of modules I can installing at the roof and consequently the maximum electrical power I can gain from the array.
Fourth: by indicating the array max electrical power we can get the rated power of the inverter we will install.
 Fifth: by using software or by some calculation we indicate number of array strings and maximum /minimum number of modules in each string.
Sixth: by knowing the sun hours in the city and in my specific roof under design I can calculate the electricity that can be harvested each month then I will do my feasibility study introducing it to the home owner.
It's an effective and guaranteed project to generate electricity and sell it to Electricity Company by constructing on grid photo voltaic system … I am in help to my colleagues , any home owner or anew electrical engineer . all of your inquires are welcome …..  

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