Power Quality Analysis & Power Quality Analyzer

The purpose of electricity feeding system (electrical distribution system) is to feed the electrical loads with good and reliable electricity wave form, making them operate properly. So if the electrical load doesn't operate properly, you should suspect that there is some thing wrong in the quality of electricity feeding system.
What will you do if your electrical system fails to meet its purpose?
At this moment you should investigate the problem trying to find the causes and then you will do a corrective action, this process called Power Quality Analysis.
How can we do power quality analysis job?
First Step:
We do Electrical Measurements by an effective and specialized instrument called power quality analyzer. By using this analyzer you can observe the real time measurements for all electrical parameters and in the same time you can record all these electrical parameters at the extended analyzer memory.  This is done for a predetermined time period which may be one day or week or more or less according to load cycle.
The most typical electrical measurements which done by power quality analyzer are :  amperage, voltage, frequency, power factor, harmonics currents and voltages, crest factor, k factor, inrush current, transient currents, voltage and currents unbalance, flickers, active and reactive power and energy.
Second Step:
We connect the power quality analyzer to the computer and get all these recorded parameters in form of excel sheets and graphs.
Third Step:
We do analysis study to detect power quality problems in the electrical distribution system according to standards and regulations.
What kinds of power quality problems have been noticed?
The most infamous electrical power quality problems from our experience are one of the following:
Over voltage , Swell, Under Voltage, Sag , Voltage and Current Unbalance , Low Power Factor ,Flickers and Presence of Harmonics Voltage and Currents.
What are success keys in doing power quality analysis study?
The four successes keys in doing power quality measurements and analysis study are the following:
One: Good selection of measured points by reviewing single line diagram and setting the goal and plan before connecting power quality analyzer to the electrical networks and loads.
Two:  Good knowledge of your power quality analyzer functions and features and how to use it to capture the needed electrical parameters.  
Three: To be conscious of what you search for in the electrical data after it is downloaded at your computer, also to be conscious of the meaning of the increase or decrease of electrical parameters during the measured period and to think, why does this happened and what does its side effect ?
Four: To have a good learning and knowledge about power quality problems and how to solve it and the international standards that governs the deviation of the electrical parameters from the normal values. Like for example IEEE 519-1992 standard which govern harmonics deviation.
Fortunately, I have an effective and amazing power quality analyzer and I can help our colleague and customers in doing such power quality analysis job and also I welcome every one have any question or inquiry …  

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