Electric Car

Now a day's large amount of petroleum fuels are consumed by cars, buses and other transportation means, so more interest has been given to reduce the consumed petroleum fuel or to use another type of renewable energy sources.
The scientists find that electricity is the most effective alternative fuel that can be used instead of the petroleum fuel to use in the transportation sector, in what they called "plug in hybrid car".
Electric car are now available for any one in the open market and it is expected that by the year 2016, most of car manufacturer will produce the plug in hybrid car in many models.
How can electric car work?
Electric cars store electricity in large batteries when we connect them to a wall outlet of standard 120 volt or standard 240 volt for anumber of hours.
These batteries operate an electric motor that power the wheels and when car driver uses the brake the electric motor work as a generator and recharge these batteries.
Advantages and disadvantages of electric car
Electric can has many benefits over the conventional car as it reduce the pollution resulting from the combustion engine and it reduces the dependence on the imported oil fuel which consider for many countries as a big problem that face their economic growth because of oil fuel high prices and its varying cost .
On the other hand electric car faces many limitations as it is more expensive than conventional car due to the additional cost of the batteries used in it. Also about the battery recharging process, it is rarely to found the private or public companies that will do that.
So governments should put the politics and economic incentives to encourage people to use electric cars instead of conventional cars and that already now done by some countries like, united stat and china governments.

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