Electrical Current Flow Effects

When the electrical current flow in a load circuit the result will be light, heat generation, electromagnetism and chemical reaction, let us clear these effects:
Heat generation:
As an example when electrical current flows throw incandescent lamp, heat will be generated throw the conversion of electrical energy to thermal energy inside the lamp components. Also when electrical current exceeds the rated value of the fuse, fuse link will be melted due to excessive heat.
In fact electricity may be used to produce magnetism and also magnetism can be used to produce electricity. When any conductor carries electrical current, magnetic field will be produced around this conductor where magnetic field strength will proportional to the amount of current flow in the conductor. Magnetic fields will take various forms with a variable strength according to the conductor shape as following:
When the electrical current passes throw a straight conductor the magnetic field will form circular lines around the conductor.
When the electrical current passes throw a loop conductor, the magnetic field lines will be concentrated to make a strong magnetic field, in this case magnetic field strength will proportional to the current value and the number of turns .If we put an iron core inside these coils we can get strong electromagnetic field as the iron material increase the magnetic filed strength.
Chemical reactions: 
When a battery is connected to an external electrical load, electrical current will flow throw it, the question is how the current is generated from a battery?
The answer is, each battery consists of two different metals and acid mixture with water, when a chemical reaction between these components is done, voltage difference will appear between the two battery terminals and the current will flow across the load until the two metals become the same and the acid reduced to nearly zero. On the other hand when we charge a battery by an alternator the reaction will reversed as the chemical reaction will produced by the current flow consequently  the current will make electrochemical reaction that restore again the metal and the acid with water mixture until the battery will be full charged again .

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