Types of Electricity

We have two types of electricity, the first one called static electricity and the second called dynamic electricity.
Dynamic electricity may be direct current electricity (DC) or alternating current electricity (AC) …. Let us know more about the two types:
Static electricity:
This type of electricity is generated when two non conducting material are rubbed together, such as a glass material and a silk cloth material, in this case the two material become electrically charged as one material will suffer from lacking of electrons (+ charged material) and the other material will have extra electrons (- charged material) and these charges remains fixed on the material surfaces until the two material are in touch or connected to a conductor to form a closed circuit  , in this case the electrons will flow otherwise there will no flow of electrons so we called it as static electricity.
Dynamic electricity:
This is the common type of electricity which we use in our homes or factories , where this type of electricity results from motion of free electrons from one atom to another, if the these free electrons flow in one direction, we call this type as direct current electricity (DC) and if these free electrons change its direction from positive to negative periodically (in the same time interval), we call this type as alternating current electricity (AC).
As an example, DC current is produced by the car battery and AC current is produced by car alternator.
In our life we use DC current to operate certain application while we use AC current to operate other application and we have the ability to convert AC to DC throw abridge called " rectifier "  and to convert DC to AC throw a device called "inverter " all of this depending on our application and need.
As a brief difference between AC and DC current, we can say that AC current is safe to flow for long distance and provide more power and the frequency of it is 50 HZ or 60 HZ according to the country while DC voltage cannot flow for along distance as it begins to loss power and the frequency of it is zero.

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